How The Left Is Turning The Unvaccinated Into 2nd Or 3rd Class Citizens

Remember 15 days to flatten the curve? Insanity and fear can take you take to dark places. We are now a world of vaccinated and unvaccinated.

"We are seeing this all over the western world, as far apart as Austria and Australia" said Andrea Widburg who wrote an excellent piece on the topic for American Thinker, "They've turned into raging totalitarianism places where anybody who is unvaccinated isn't even a second class citizen. They're being deprived of all rights."

Here in the U.S., where we've been told repeatedly, if you just get the shot, then you will be ok, instead of doing that and enjoying life, those who have received the jab are obsessed with those who have not been vaccinated.

"And that is a very, very disturbing development in American culture" Widburg told KTRH, "There is now this thing of unvaccinated people are ignorant, and they want to kill everybody, and they're stupid, and they're dangerous."

That pretty much sums it up. As Widburg points out, the ugly part of it is, it's not about Covid, or science, or data. "A lot of them don't realize that they are just as contagious as anybody else, and they are born up of by this false sense of virtue to the point that they believe that those who are unvaccinated are really unworthy, and shouldn't be allowed in their presence."

If you have the vaccine, you should have nothing to worry about, especially with a disease that has a survival rate of over 99%. But here we are, getting ready for the holidays, with our nation the most divided that it has ever been.

It's the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Activists Demonstrate Against Los Angeles' City Worker Vaccine Mandate

Photo: Getty Images

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