Another Kleberg Wants Control of Texas Land

Those Klebergs and Texas land.

Richard King saw promise in a stretch of around Santa Gertrudis Creek in south Texas, bought it, and so began the legendary King Ranch.

Richard's attorney, Robert Kleberg, took over management of the ranch upon King's passing in 1885. The place was found to be rich in oil, and in 1933 the largest oil lease ever negotiated was signed with Humble Oil of Houston. The lease is still ongoing.

A member of the Kleberg family is running for state land commissioner as a Democrat.

Jay Kleberg made the announcement on Thursday, saying he wants to preserve the state's 13-million acres of public land and fight climate change.

Republican State Senator Dawn Buckingham is also in the running, and has the support of former President Trump.

GOP incumbent George P. Bush is running for state attorney general in 2022 instead of another term as land commissioner.

photo: Getty Images

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