Biden Pushes Mandates as COVID Cases Rise Among Vaccinated

Nearly a year into the vaccine rollout, COVID cases are rising across the Northeast -- killing eight and infecting dozens at a Connecticut nursing home. Meanwhile, parts of Europe consider a return to lockdowns.

Houston Dr. Richard Urso says the data is clear, vaccine efficacy is waning.

"If you culture the vaccinated people, they have levels of virus that are equal to or higher than the unvaccinated at this point in time. So we're seeing a lot of spread in these closed nursing homes where most of the people are vaccinated."

Urso and other doctors lobbied in Washington, D.C. this week against Biden's vaccine mandate and booster program.

"The data is in and its showing the vaccines cannot stop infection and cannot stop transmission," he says. "So the vaccine itself is not going to be able to provide safe schools, safe workplaces, and that's why it's not a good idea that we get too worked up about vaccine mandates."

"The committee at the CDC voted down the booster, why? Because the booster is for the Alpha variant in March of 2020. We are now, 20 months later, in Delta variant and Delta Plus."

What's also clear, says Urso, is we now know how to treat the symptoms of COVID, saving lives in the process.

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