Frenetic Month Ahead Amid Looming Shutdown, Social Spending Bill

The holidays are fast approaching, but the sentiment on Capitol Hill is anything but cheerful.

The next month and a half could mark one of the most frenetic periods in Washington in years. There's a looming government shutdown in less than three weeks and a debt ceiling crisis. As if that wasn't enough, House Democrats are scrambling to pass a massive social spending bill. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says we've seen this kind of situation with the Democrats before.

“They’re running the same play they ran with Obamacare trying to push the spending bill through at the last second, run down the clock, do the extensions on the budget necessary, and create this maelstrom on Capitol Hill for their own selfish purposes,” Colon said.

Even if Democrats pass the measure in the House, moderate Democrats in the Senate could call for changes. That’s a move that might be met with frustration by progressives, who want a bill passed by Christmas.

“I take nothing of the Democrats’ civil war for granted. They are their own worse enemy. Right now, GOP approval ratings are up because of the Democrats,” Colon explained. “Let them continue to destroy themselves.”

Colon says if Democrats remain divided, it could set the GOP up for a successful 2022 midterm.

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