Next On The Biden Agenda: Targeting Conservative Media

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for conservatives...

From big tech censorship to the corrupt mainstream media, the Biden administration wants to go all the way, with the nomination of Gigi Sohn for the vacant spot on the FCC.

"Gigi Sohn is a typical leftist that gets nominated to jobs under a Democrat administration" said Dan Gainor, V.P. with the Media Research Center, "She wants to use the power of government to push her sides agenda, and step all over the rights of others, in this case conservatives."

That would be putting it mildly. Sohn, who is first ever LGBTQ nominee once tweeted that FOX News has had the most negative impact on our democracy, and she also called it state sponsored propaganda.

"She's made noise about FOX being more dangerous than Facebook, so that's a danger there" Gainor told KTRH, "We're in a situation where everything effects everything, if she gets nominated it's a battle that the good guys lose."

Republicans are vowing to fight the confirmation, citing that she would be used as a weapon for the Biden administration to censor any outlet that goes against the Democrats radical socialist agenda.

The only problem is, the Democrats do have the majority right now, and just like with Biden's massive trillion dollar 'green new deal', Gigi Sohn joining the FCC could come down to Senators Joe Manchin, and Kyrsten Sinema.

A smartphone in hand displaying the "censored" text. Same text in red blurred on white background. The concept of censorship on popular social networks. Restricted access to internet. Shallow DOF

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