The Rise Of The Conservative Outsider

As we saw on election night in Virginia, the Republican red wave is already rolling. We are also witnessing the rise of the conservative outsider.

"You're seeing a lot of conservative candidates who are inspiring others" said UH political professor and tv personality Jacquie Baly, "Definitely, the established candidate or the D.C. insider is on decline."

It started with Donald Trump, and continued a couple of weeks ago in Virginia, when Glenn Youngkin shocked the political world by winning the governor's race.

"You're going to see a lot of people who are now motivated to make a difference, who never would have been considered, or would have considered it before" Baly told KTRH, "And this can only be a good thing if we have good options to choose from. It will be a healthy competition."

And if the red wave rolls on like it is projected to, it will be a one-sided competition!

The big question is, where is the next Trump? "Whoever is coming out next out of the ranks from the conservative movement, they will be motivating, they will be inspiring, they will be a leader" Baly says.

Of course, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes to mind, but as we saw during the recent elections, conservative outsiders are getting involved up and down the ballot, from Washington to the local school boards. And that's a good thing.

"Having a president like the current one, we question so many things" Baly told KTRH, "His approval ratings are at an all-time low. It's time for a change, and the people that you see coming out, it's very inspiring."

Glenn Youngkin Campaign Holds Election Night Event

Photo: Getty Images

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