Airport Wait Times Likely To Spike Amid International Travel, Holidays

Be prepared for long lines at the airport.

Airlines and security officials expect a spike in travel this month, as the U.S. has reopened to foreign tourists from dozens of countries. Tack on new COVID-related entry requirements for international visitors, and delays seem inevitable.

“These government rules, I understand the point behind them, but all it does is create an additional challenge for the airlines to overcome in order to keep their operation running smoothly,” Aviation expert Josh Verde said.

He says airlines were already facing challenges before the influx of tourists.

“There are just no excess pilots, it’s difficult to find cabin crew, and we’re seeing it now where you have these widespread cancelations and delays,” Verde explained. “I don’t see it getting better before the end of the 2021 holiday season.”

The Delta Airlines CEO is quoted as saying “It's going to be a bit sloppy at first, I assure you.” Verde says if you fly this holiday season, pack your patience, and build in extra time for check-in.

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