Waves Of Democrats May Soon Retire Rather Than Face Electorate…

Democrats are not only bracing for a 'red wave' in 2022 (more like a tsunami), they are also preparing for mass retirements.

Why? Democrats would rather quit, than lose and be embarrassed.

As of now, there are 14 Democrats who have announced they will not seek reelection, and that number is expected to climb as we get closer to next years midterms.

"I like that, they should be afraid that someone is coming for their jobs" said political analyst Felicia Cravens.

Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy says he believes that the GOP will be able to flip more than 60 seats. But the best line so far belongs to Tom Emmer (R-Minn) who is the chair of the national congressional committee who simply said to the Democrats, "retire or lose".

"Retire or lose are pretty much the only options" Cravens told KTRH, "If you have a wave coming, you get out of the way."

And the Democrats now know, that red wave is coming.

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Photo: Getty Images

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