How Is The Cargo Supply Chain Crisis Effecting Port Houston?

As the Biden administration cargo, and supply chain crisis continues, we keep hearing and seeing how bad things are off the coast of California. But about here at Port Houston?

"Things at Port Houston are going great" said Executive Director Roger Guenther, "Business is really at an all-time high, and everything is really busy."

So much so, that there has been double digit growth for seven consecutive months. And while the Port of Los Angeles is the biggest port in the nation, Port Houston is officially the busiest.

"In Houston, we're not immune to some of the same issues that you're seeing across the nation" Guenther told KTRH, "There are challenges, but we're working hard to make sure that cargo keeps pulling through our port."

With a massive amount of containers, Port Houston is averaging 6,000 - 7,000 truck loads per day. Different story in L.A. where not only do they have tens of thousands of containers just sitting at the port. They also have nearly 100 ships waiting to be offloaded.

Bottom line, Port Houston has become a hot alternative. "It's been growing for several years now" Guenther said, "Houston is consistent and reliable. People are looking across the country to import these goods due to some of the difficulties that they're having at other ports. It's very good for Houston, and we look to keep it that way."

Guenther adds that they plan to keep it that way with Project 11, which will widen and deepen the channel, "We're really excited." The $Billion project is expected to begin early next year.


Photo: Getty Images

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