Another result of the Covid Lockdown: More Liver Transplants

Dr. Joe Galati of Texas Liver Specialists understands about the effects of the Covid Lockdown. "We all know about the isolation we all went thru. This was the perfect storm for setting up depression, isolation, loneliness and the need to use alcohol." Dr. Galati says it can have a really bad ending. "When you consume an excessive amount of alcohol, you develop a peculiar type of liver disease: Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis. In some cases it carries a very high mortality rate."

National Donor Day

It's no wonder there's a direct correlation between the recent increase in retail alcohol sales and the growing liver transplant waiting lists! "These patients are typically referred for a Liver Transplant at a tertiary care center like Houston Methodist Hospital where I practice, and if they meet all of the criteria they will be put on a Liver Transplant Wait List where they actually have one of the best survival rates."

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Young exhausted wasted woman waking up suffering headache and hangover after drinking alcohol lying on bed sick and miserable still drunk

Covid Lockdown DrinkingPhoto: Getty Images

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