2022 Midterms: Virginia Showed Republicans Have A Win With The Culture War

For years, the Democrats have prided on themselves on being the party that dominates the culture. That changed last week.

The Democrats still have Hollywood, they always will, but as we saw across the country, the overwhelming majority of Americans don't want the Democrats.

"I think it told us that Democrats have gone to far" said Gates McGavik, the strategic communications director for the Republican National Committee, "Democrats are very condescending, they think that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, or underinformed, and that's just not true and that's why you saw concerned parents, Republicans, but a lot of independents and Democrats too carrying Glenn Youngkin to a huge win in Virginia."

A huge win that Republicans look to carry over in next years midterms.

In years past, the GOP would defer on the culture issues, and focus on the economy and lowering taxes. But now?

"We have to keep pushing back on Critical Race Theory, and we have to keep pushing back on these ridiculous mask and vaccine mandates" McGavik told KTRH, "The price of gas is skyrocketing, the price of food is skyrocketing, and Biden on top of that, wants to raise taxes through his spending bill."

The list is there, and now it's up to Republicans to stick with the script.

"This is really a blueprint for what we can do when we realize that it's more important for Republicans to come together against Democrat extremism than anything else" McGavik said, "And we're going to keep pushing this momentum into 2022."

The countdown is on.

Glenn Youngkin Campaign Holds Election Night Event

Photo: Getty Images

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