Voters in The Woodlands decides against becoming a city

Voters in The Woodlands, by a 2-1 margin, decided against incorporating into a city in one of the bigger local races of this election. Rice's Mark Jones tells KTRH he wasn't surprised by the result.

"Opponents of the proposal convinced voters this would lead to higher taxes, and that's why it was rejected," Jones said.

Elsewhere, results from elections in Harris County were delayed for about three hours because of an electrical problem. This was the first election supervised by Administrator Isabel Longoria.

"It's not a particularly good signal when you can't count the votes in three hours," Jones stated.

Elsewhere, --Texas voters approved all eight of the proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution in Tuesday night’s election. The strongest support went to Prop 6, which preserves access to loved ones in nursing homes via a designated caregiver.T he pandemic gave rise to that measure, which garnered 87-percent of voter support. Other proposals grant property tax relief to the families of military members killed in the line of duty, bar the state from closing down churches during natural disasters, and allow counties to use taxes to pay for infrastructure.

And in Austin, voters rejected Prop A, which would have allowed the police department there to hire hundreds of new police officer.

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