Americans Are Waking Up To The True Destination Of The Left

You can call it, 'Biden Remorse'.

That is what millions of Americans are suffering through right now, after they were told one thing in November, and now find themselves on a completely different road that they don't want to be on.

"The American people suddenly are realizing that the path that the left wants to take us down does not lead to the place that they promised" said political write John Green, "And they're waking up to that fact, and they're starting to push back now."

Pushing back with a 'Red Wave' wake-up call like we saw in Virginia. This was just after the poll numbers that showed more than 70% of Americans don't like the direction we're heading under Joe Biden.

"There is no floor to how low his polling is going to go" Green told KTRH, "Let's go Brandon"!

Republicans, and now independent voters along with them, plan to keep it going until next years midterms.

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Photo: Getty Images

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