Propositions Are On The Ballot Here In Texas - Why Doesn't Anyone Care?

Election day is here, but what does that mean for Texas? That depends on where you live.

Across the state there are 8 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. The Texas legislature passed the 8 during the regular legislative session, and according to Rice University political science professor Mark Jones, all 8 are expected to pass.

"For any proposition to get on the ballot, it has to receive the support of 2/3 of the Texas House, and 2/3 of the members Texas Senate" Jones told KTRH, "The most likely scenario is, that they all pass."

The 8 propositions include Religious Liberty, meaning local officials can't prevent you from going to church, Gambling at Rodeos, and Essential Caregiver Protections, again in response to the overreach last year under the guise of Covid.

Early voter turnout was down from 2019, but Jones says there will be action for the local school board seats, including HISD.

"We are seeing more conservative candidates running against more liberal candidates" Jones said, "The differences that divide them being the use of masks in the schools, as well as the teaching of critical race theory."

The polls will be open from 7am - 7pm (sorry, no changing votes in the middle of the night) and here in Harris County, voters will be able to try out the new voting machines.

State of Texas Flag in 3D

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