Another Migrant Caravan Heads Towards Texas, But Who’s Paying For It?

Another migrant caravan heading towards the Texas border is adding to their numbers.

Count some 4,000 among the ranks of the slow-moving caravan heading north. The caravan left Southern Mexico last week. The women and children in the group, primarily from Central and South America, are suffering from fatigue and starvation. Yet the caravan's organizers have rejected calls from Mexico to accept humanitarian visas. It's organized by a group called the Center for Human Dignity, which is putting pressure on the Mexican government to change their immigration policies.

The organizers seem dead set on illegally crossing into the United States. Many have speculated if outside money is driving this recent push.

“When you look at the organization that they have, the social media applications, all of the things they do to get all these people organized and moved out of Guatemala into Mexico and up to the United States border, it’s clear there’s funding,” Bob Price, Associate Editor with Breitbart News, said.

He added it's not known for sure who's putting up the money to fund the organization’s efforts, but it is clear the Mexican drug cartels are profiting big time.

“We know it’s in the best financial interests of the cartels, these transnational criminal organizations that should be classified as terrorist organizations,” Price explained. “It’s in their best interests to get them up here because they are going to make a ton of money on moving all these people across the border.”

Organizers and supporters of the caravan insist they are not receiving any outside funding.

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