Wine Plentiful This Holiday Season, But Maybe Not Next Year

Texas wineries have had full plates this year that began with bitter cold February weather taking a toll on the vines and then supply chain backlogs clogging getting the product to market.

Fran Pontasch is the Texas A&M Agrilife viticulturist (wine expert) for our region and says corks and bottle supply is running low and wineries are having trouble getting fertilizer and other supplies they need for growing, but as you make your holiday party plans, fear not, the wine will be flowing freely this holiday season.

“The challenges this year from the supply chain and the winter storm won’t be felt probably until next year or the year after. For this year, it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Shouldn’t be an issue,” she tells KTRH News.

What may be a cause for concern going forward is a lack of some essential needs. “Especially corks and glass bottles. Those are becoming a real problem. If you were going to plan for two to four months, next you might be thinking of six to eight months ahead,” Pontasch cautions, also pointing to shortages of fertilizers, fungicides, and essentials that growers need.

The spirits will flow vigorously this year.

photo: Getty Images

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