Battle Over Harris County Redistricting Maps Gets Personal

Bickering continues over redistricting plans at Harris County Commissioners Court. Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia kicked off Tuesday's meeting with a resolution demanding an apology.

"On the October 21, 2021 edition of the 'The Michael Berry Show,' Commissioner Tom Ramsey referred to his colleague on court Commissioner Rodney Ellis as 'corrupt Rodney Ellis' and said Commissioner Ellis 'must have anger issues,'" Garcia said while introducing his non-binding resolution.

Ramsey refused to apologize, but agreed better decorum is needed from the court.

"I think calling a commissioner a liar in commissioners court, I don't think that's behavior in keeping with good taste," he said. "Inferring frequently that people are racist is not something that's in keeping with good taste."

"Clapping and taunting court members in a way to dismiss or mock people, I think we can do better," Ramsey added. "But I agree, decorum in our court and amongst our members could and should improve."

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