Airline Prices Soar Ahead of Busy Holiday Travel Season

Sky high fuel prices and a lack of business travelers mean you and I are paying an arm and a leg to fly home for the holidays.

Legacy Travel's Catherine Banks still believes business travel will return at some point, just not right now.

"There are certain things that can be taken care of with technology, but I do think humans are going to be humans. I do believe human beings require seeing each other," she says.

If you're still planning to get away for the holidays, Banks says you'll pay a hefty price.

"We're getting request every day right now for Christmas travel. Disney World, the on property hotels have been sold out for quite a while," she says. "I know we've got a trip right now, they're almost $900 a ticket.

Banks says that goes for any popular destination. She says booking your trip a week after Christmas or New Year will cost much less.

"There is less seats and more people now wanting to fill them. It's just a pure supply and demand situation."

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