No Guarantee Illegals Arrested for Trespassing in Texas Will be Deported

Gov. Greg Abbott continues to tout his use of National Guard troops along the border as another caravan numbering in the thousands heads north through Mexico.

"We're making sure we are providing the resources we need to secure the border, as well as, Texas is in the process of building a wall, as well as making arrests of people coming across the border illegally and trespassing in the state of Texas," Abbott told Fox News Monday.

Texas DPS Lt. Christopher Olivarez says they've made roughly 1,400 trespassing arrests since July.

"They are taken to a processing center. They are vetted. They are COVID tested. A full criminal history background check is done on them. From there, they are transported to a TDCJ facility where they await their case," he says.

But that's no guarantee those illegals will be deported.

"Once they go through the court system it's out of hour hands," says Olivarez. "Now they're in the custody of the federal government, they can be released into the country or they can be deported."

Nevertheless, state troopers and National Guardsmen continue to patrol railyards near Del Rio, where many illegals are now hopping trains to the interior U.S.

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