John Deere Strike, Supply Chain Delays Threaten Texas Farmers

The ongoing strike by John Deere workers, coupled with national supply chain issues is starting to worry farmers in Texas and across the U.S.

Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening says supply chain woes mean fertilizer and other supplies are at a premium.

"If a machine breaks down that you normally could have got running again in 24 hours, it might take three to five days, maybe a week. That could be devastating," he says.

Now growers have to worry about if equipment needs fixing and whether parts are available.

"If you don't get planted on time. If you're delayed three days, a week or even longer, it could have severe effects on your bottom line," says Boening.

Boening says 2021 had been a pretty good year for Texas growers.

"If we go into next year with these prices, if they keep escalating, and then we have issues of not being able to get the inputs, it could get pretty rough."

All of these added costs will be passed on to consumers at the grocery store at a time when meat, dairy and other prices are soaring.

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