Ramsey Supporters Trash Ellis' Redistricting Map for Harris County

Harris County commissioners hear from more than 100 residents on a proposed redistricting plan that could potentially expand the Democrats' current 3-2 majority.

Dozens of people voiced their opposition to a plan that would shift West University and Bellaire into Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis' district.

"This doesn't seem like something that's going to help your constituents, it's only going to help you. Is that correct?" asked one woman.

"My concern is Bayland Community Center," another stated.

The biggest impact would be in Precinct 3 where Commissioner Tom Ramsey argues it would hurt the county's response to hurricanes and other disasters.

"It's 60 miles between Baytown and Katy. So you're going to try to respond to the needs of those areas? It'll be impossible," Ramsey told KTRH News.

"This makes no sense from a practical standpoint. It only makes sense to a corrupt politician like Rodney Ellis."

Ramsey believes Democrats are seeking retribution against himself and Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle for blocking tax hikes last year, while ensuring a quorum with a 4-1 majority.

"They cannot stand the fact that Precincts 3 and 4 function very well. We take care of our roads. We take care of our parks. We take care of drainage issues. And it drives them crazy. So they want to blow it up."

"The objective is control. The objective is to create as much chaos as possible," he added.

Ellis defended his map saying he was just the first to submit a proposal. Ramsey and Cagle have since submitted their own.

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