Lackluster Turnout in Harris County Early Voting

As expected in off-year elections, Harris County is reporting dismal turnout so far during early voting for the November 2 elections.

Most of the turnout has been in The Woodlands, where voters are deciding whether to incorporate into a city.

However, traditionally mundane school board elections have become a hot button issue during COVID.

"As they say, all politics are local. And these are things that impact us, in the case of our schools and children, every day," says Harris County GOP Chair Cindy Siegel.

"This is their opportunity to speak out with their vote and get good people that will represent them. The parents. The children. Not just administration."

There are also eight constitutional amendments on the ballot in Texas.

"Some I think are in response to the COVID situation that we went through. Governmental overreach," says Siegel.

Early voting runs through next Friday.

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