Biden Pushes COVID Fear, But Still No OSHA Guidance on Vaccine Mandate

Still waiting on OSHA to finalize President Joe Biden's COVID vaccine mandate on large businesses as Southwest, United and others have already jumped on board.

The Biden administration appears to be moving at a snail's pace despite its urgent call for more shots in the arm.

"I don't know why OSHA is taking so long, but in the scheme of things, if they come out in the next two to three weeks it actually is on an expedited basis. They do have to go through that comment period and I'm sure there will be court challenged on it," says North Texas labor attorney Andy Trusevich.

"Under the Administrative Procedures Act, a government agency can't just come out with a new rule. Even though hence the ETS "E" for Emergency, it's still typical bureaucracy."

Trusevich believes many Texas companies will still follow the OSHA guidelines regardless of Gov. Abbott's ban on vaccine mandates.

"In Gov. Abbott's order there is no private cause of action, so if you're affected by it you can't sue. There's no damages. It's effectively a toothless tiger order and I think a lot business are just going to ignore that," he says.

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