Leader of Growing Migrant Caravan "Ready for War" With U.S. Border Patrol

An immigration activist working in southern Mexico says the next migrant caravan numbering in the tens of thousands is "ready for war" with U.S. Border Patrol.

The group plans to start moving north October 25.

Panamanian officials say at least 60,000 are moving through that country as we speak, with another 20,000 waiting to cross from Colombia.

Three Biden administration officials -- excluding "border czar" Vice President Kamala Harris -- rushed to Mexico last week to talk about security.

But Republican National Committee spokeswoman Macarena Martinez doubts anything will come of it.

"We have no doubt that the administration is going to do what they've been doing for the past month, which is nothing," she says.

Like the million or so before them, a majority of this latest caravan will likely be dispersed throughout the U.S.

"We lose track of them, so that in itself is a problem," says Martinez. "Texas border communities are being put in danger but this is a problem on a national level. This is going to end up on everybody's doorstep."

This latest group appears determined to reach the U.S with or without the consent of governments standing in their way.

"This continues to spiral, there's no doubt about that," Martinez added. "We continue to see caravans coming in, and we're still hearing there's going to be more in the months to come."

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