Trucker Shortage Compounds Supply Chain Delays Ahead of Holidays

Trucking companies are offering big signing bonuses to keep the supply chain moving, but it may not be enough heading into the busy holiday shopping season.

A commercial driver’s license could net you upwards of $15,000 as retailers struggle to keep shelves stocked with everything from groceries to clothing, furniture and toys.

“Supply chain delays are going to continue to be a challenge for us and certainly more amplified as we get toward the holidays,” says John Esparza, president of the Texas Trucking Association.

“The are so many different pieces and any one can have a delay that sends ripples up and down the supply chain, which ultimately the consumer in this case will see the impact of it at the grocery store. Or at the gas station. And at the retail store.”

Esparza urges everyone to start their holiday shopping now.

“This a year in particular where we’re seeing shortage on workforce that’s having an impact on manufacturing and down the food chain if you will, delays that are showing up as blank shelves.”

Meanwhile, the cost of goods continues to rise.

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