DOJ's Targeting of Parents to Accelerate Exodus from Public Schools

The Biden administration’s crackdown on parents questioning public school boards comes as millions of families switch to private and charter schools.

Longtime education critic and author Marty Nemko says kids are no longer a priority for many of the nation’s largest districts.

“I’m not happy with the teachers’ unions who are merely too often trying to simply allow teachers to work at home because it is cushier, and that’s not the basis in which these decisions should be made. It should be kids first and only priority.”

COVID lockdowns shined a light on how awful our public education system has become.

“We spend number one or number two in the world, per capita on education. Our results are near the bottom of the pack of the industrial nations,” says Nemko.

“Too often the curriculum is laddered with advocacy rather than teaching kids to be critical thinkers.”

Nemko says silencing parents who question mask mandates and other protocols is NOT the answer.

“Should kids be mandated to wear a mask all day when we know it will inhibit learning? How much incremental safety accrues? What happens when we vaccinate? Do we mandate vaccinations?”

“These are nuanced smart questions that deserve thoughtful, full dimensioned exploration,” he says.

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