Texas House Committee Advances Transgender Athlete Ban

A Texas House committee on Wednesday once again advanced a bill banning transgender athletes from girl's high school sports.

The bill requires students to compete in sports according to biological sex not an amended birth certificate. Nine states already passed similar bills this year.

Opponents argue it addresses a problem that does not currently exist. Rep. Valoree Swanson, R-Spring, insists her bill is needed to protect equal access to athletics.

“To say it otherwise doesn’t just reject biology, it denies girls their dignity, self confidence and humanity,” Swanson argued.

She says it's not fair for biological males to compete against girls.

“We all know men and women are built differently and the results prove the unfairness of forcing our daughters and granddaughters to compete against biological males.”

“Males have many other biological advantages which no amount of hormone treatment can alter such as greater height, stronger and bigger muscles,” Swanson added.

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