DHS Feared 400,000 Illegal Crossings in October Ahead of Title 42 Ruling

NBC News reported last week the Biden White House is preparing for upwards of 400,000 illegal border crossings in October alone -- double the record numbers from July and August.

The network quoted DHS insiders ahead of a judge's ruling that kept the Title 42 public health policy in place, meaning the administration's deportations of single men would continue due to COVID concerns.

“If the administration has to stop using Title 42, that could double the number. Not of illegal alien apprehensions, but double the number of people the government just lets into the U.S. and never seeks again,” says Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies.

“It's one thing for Homeland Security to be ready for something. In other words, to have the preparations in place to deal with that level of a flow, but it just doesn't seem likely that would happen,” he added.

There are reports of another 60,000 Haitian nationals making their way north following last month's surge in Del Rio.

“Frankly, most of the people giving those numbers, it's guess work, it's estimates,” says Krikorian. “There's no question there are thousands and thousands of people taking President Biden up on his invitation to sneak into the United States.”

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