Data: Only 49% of U.S. Households Include Married Couples

The 'nuclear family' is fast becoming a thing of the past with fewer than half of all U.S. households including a married couple.

That's down from 75% in 1960. Relationship trainer Julie Nise says the steep decline coincides with women's lib, abortion and attacks on the church.

“We have been devaluing and disrespecting men. Women run around thinking we don’t need men, they’re irrelevant and they’re usually the doofuses,” she says. “So, the whole idea of marriage is degraded.”

Nise says we've turned into a society of 'all about me' and it's splitting us at the seams.

“It used to be that we valued being married. We valued partnering up with somebody for a lifetime. We valued being a team. We valued having children, raising them to be productive adults. We don’t value those things anymore.”

Critics argue the Dems' tax and spend plan would make it tougher, even more expensive to be married.

“The laws that are trying to be passed right now by the socialists who are in charge of our government have everything to do with the government being the end all be all, and the family being subservient to the government, which is exactly the opposite of our constitution set it up,” says Nise.

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