Biden's 'Entitlement Nation' Kicks into High Gear with SNAP Expansion

President Joe Biden's plan to expand SNAP benefits goes into effect Friday, costing U.S. taxpayers an additional $20 billion a year.

Biden's Thrifty Food Plan gives a 25-percent bump in benefits, which means an unemployed single parent of two children could pocket as much as $2,400 a month from entitlements versus $1,900 a month when working.

“This a huge, huge increase in entitlement spending that is not well targeted. The goal behind it and what it will achieve is very unclear,” says Angela Rachidi, with the American Enterprise Institute.

Rachidi says these "cradle to grave" policies are slowing our economic recovery from the COVID lockdowns. She says several European countries already gave up similar plans because it paid people to not work.

“That is an unfortunate consequence when these policies are poorly designed. European countries have done that in the past and have moved away from some of those policies because of those employment disincentives.

“That’s one of the frustrating things that the U.S. is actually moving in that direction as some other countries are trying to move away from it,” Rachidi added.

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