Biden Administration Rations Effective COVID Treatment Away from Red States

Texas Congressman Chip Roy is calling out the Biden administration for rationing monoclonal antibody drugs to treat COVID. He fired off a letter to Health and Human Services demanding answers to why antibody drugs are being rationed away from Texas, Florida and other red states that need it.

"Given the rise in cases due to the Delta variant and the lower number of vaccination rates in some of these states like Florida, like Texas, just seven states are making up 70 percent of the orders. Our supply is not unlimited and we believe it should be equitable," said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

"Our role as the government overseeing the entire country is to be equitable in how we distribute," she added. "We are not going to give a greater percentage to Florida over Oklahoma."

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk calls it par for the course with Democrats.

"The benefit of the American people is never the primary goal of the left," he says. "It's always about increasing their power, increasing their control, increasing their dominance. That's why people like President Biden have been sniping at Republican governors and making threats."

The Biden administration also has blocked the use of Ivermectin and threatened to pull licenses of doctors who speak out against COVID vaccines.

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