White House Eyeing Mandatory COVID Booster Every Six Months

Not only is a booster now recommended against COVID, but the Wall Street Journal reports the Biden White House is reportedly ready to mandate booster shots every six months in perpetuity.

They're trying to argue once you take the vaccine, your immune system becomes dependent on requiring a booster to chase new variants every six months.

“If you make billions of dollars for selling the government two shots. You would two times billions of dollars if you sold the government four shots,” says Bill Pascoe, the Tea Party Patriots' "Man in Washington."

“We don't oppose vaccines. We don't oppose masks. What we oppose is government ordering all of us to take the jab,” he added. “What I really oppose is government ordering those of us who have taken the vaccine to then wear masks on top of that.”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently admitted to the Today Show current COVID guidelines are more based on "hope" than “data."

Pascoe says this is like Barack Obama all over again, which helped launch the Tea Party Movement in the first place.

“It was Obamcare. It was the notion that there was going to be a government takeover and you were no longer going to have your healthcare determined by a conversation between you and your doctor. You were now going to have your healthcare determined by a government bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.”

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