Heat and drought at American farms could cause your grocery bills to grow.

Extreme heat, and drought are crippling farmers in the Midwest . Texas A&M Professor Dr. David Anderson says things could change when we finish last years crop. "I think we will start to see some higher prices as this crop is harvested and we have used up last year's crop." Dr. Anderson says this could cause your beef, pork and chicken prices to rise as well. "This drought has extended into parts of Iowa and Nebraska where they produce a lot of soy bean and corn. So much of that is used for livestock feed."

Dr. Anderson says Italian restaurants could raise prices next year. "Durum wheat production is down about 50%. It goes into pasts - so we could see higher costs there as well." And Dr. Anderson added another crop in trouble." The USDA's report showed about at 36% decline in the production of barley. I think we all know what we use a lot of barley for --- and that's making beer!"

Dr. Anderson says to look for prices going up early next year.



Drought and heat causing problems for grain crops

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