Stand-By For The Real Insurrection…By The Democrats

The Democrats are all about image management. Style over substance. But even with their partnership with the mainstream media, there's no way they can defend this anymore.

They attacked Donald Trump every single day for four years, even trying to get in one final blow on the way out. They went too far.

We've heard the lie called the 'January 6th insurrection'? Up next, experts say we are going to witness a 'Democrat' insurrection.

"The Democrat party will, right in front of us, overthrow what they have been contending is the dually elected executive branch of the American government" said Andrea Widburg, one of the well respected editors at American Thinker, "This will be the literal definition of an insurrection."

It's going to happen. The question is, when? How? And who?

"This cannot be drawn out" Widburg told KTRH, "Joe Biden, they are micro-managing everything and he still goes off message! And is very dangerous not just to America, but to the Democrat brand, and they really do have to get rid of him."

The first 7 months of the Biden administration have been disastrous, worse than anyone ever could have imagined. Biden's popularity numbers have been plummeting, even with Democrats. Jordan Davidson of the Federalist notes, "We had some polls out this week that we conducted" she told KTRH, "It does show the disapproval not just for Biden and Kamala Harris, but kind of this whole situation is absolutely nose diving. This is a chaotic situation, and we have now lost American lives because of Afghanistan."

And they both agree, that will likely be the TKO for Joe.

"The Democrats are going to make a huge power play to put competent people in the White House to continue to carry out their agenda" Widburg said.

The countdown is on.

President Biden Welcomes WNBA Champions Seattle Storm To The White House

Photo: Getty Images North America

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