If You Want To Know How Much The Deep State Hates You...

The 'deep state'. We hear about it all the time. But exactly who and what is it really?

"Unelected officials, with deep pockets, influencing politicians to make decisions for the rest of the country because it benefits them, and them alone" says Brandon Morse, the editor over at Red State.

The 'deep state' was a big issue for former President Donald Trump, who tried his best to expose some of what is behind the curtain in Washington, as well as in 'the swamp'.

"His mere presence as somebody who was not a part of the establishment opened the door for people to understand that there was money behind a lot of decisions that were being made" Morse told KTRH, "This is a much larger problem than people really understand, and Trump was only allowed 4 years."

Unfortunately, with Trump gone, and Republican red wave set to hit 2022, the Democrat 'deep state' is trying to grab as much as possible. Also, as Morse points out, "They absolutely hate conservatives" he said, adding, "Any idea that threatens the status quo should be treated as evil by these people. If it takes money and power away from them, it has to go, and conservatives tend to represent an ideology that actually does focus on the good of mankind."

Two different visions, two different paths, two different America's.

Former FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

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