No Refuge: Border Patrol Deals With Afghan Refugees

The Afghanistan crisis and the southern border crisis are now colliding. A new report says U.S. Border Patrol agents are being asked to voluntarily travel to Afghanistan to help process refugees after that country's fall to Taliban rule. This as thousands of Afghan refugees are already on the way to Texas and other states.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says this is the last thing border agents need to deal with as they continue to deal with the record surge at the southern border. "The morale of border patrol agents is rock bottom," he tells KTRH. "Because they're not able to actually patrol the border."

"All (border agents) are doing, especially in Texas, is processing illegal aliens, most of whom are released into the United States," Krikorian continues. "The idea that now they're going to be sent to Afghanistan to process more people, is almost too ridiculous to be true."

The surge of Afghan refugees fleeing the war-torn and terrorist-run nation also highlights the abuses of the refugee and asylum system on display at the southern border, according to Krikorian. "If you're talking about people fleeing Afghanistan because they're going to be beheaded, because they were working with the U.S. Army, that's an actual refugee," he says. "But someone whose farm isn't doing well in Guatemala, or who has high crime in his town in Honduras, is not a refugee."

"You see how fake the refugee claims are of almost everybody on the southern border, when you compare them to real refugees."

Krikorian believes the Biden administration is simply floating a trial balloon with this request to agents. "I think they're trying to see whether they're just going to be laughed off by border patrol agents, which I expect is going to be the case," he says.

Photo: AFP

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