Free Society Dwindles As Permission Requirements Grow

America was based on freedom. Now, freedom is based on receiving permission from the government.

From lockdowns, to mask mandates, to forced vaccines, our civil liberties are being taken away.

"The woke left believes that the founding principles of our country need to be turned on their head" said political writer Jim Hanson, "They don't trust people to make the decisions they want, so they want to give the power to the government and let the government tell us what we can do."

One of the things the Biden administration wants to tell us to do is have a mandatory proof of vaccine to travel within the United States. According to reports the mandate has been discussed, but they're not quite ready to pull the trigger over fear of public backlash. The Democrats are already reeling with Biden's approval rating at a low point, along with a disastrous first 7 months in office, with skyrocketing crime, inflation, the border crisis, and now our standing in the world after the Afghanistan debacle.

Another item on the list for the left is making the vaccine mandatory for everybody! "They want to have a vaccine mandate be a national thing" Hanson told KTRH, "I'm sure they have every lawyer they have trying to find some way to justify that. If that somehow is legal? Then we got a problem."

It's a problem that we have had here in the U.S. for awhile now. Hanson, who authored the new book 'How To Win The Second Civil War Without Firing A Shot' says this power grab has been in the works for years. "They've been slipping little bits of state controlled authoritarianism into all of things they want, and we haven't noticed it."

We are noticing it now.

"The Democrats got a little crazy during the Trump administration" Hanson said, "He made them so crazy, they ripped off the masks and said yes, we really do want to destroy this country and change it. But I think they definitely have woken the sleeping giant."

From woke, to awake.

Immunity passport or risk-free certificate concept. Traveling After the Coronavirus Pandemic

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