A Boom in Weddings is Coming Down the Aisle!

Business experts say we're going to see a Wedding Boom this fall. The Texas wedding industry is busy and profitable right now. Kelly Balfour of Eventology Weddings says the boom is here. "Here in Texas the Weddings Boom is already hitting! Couples are excited to start their planning and they're eager to gather with their friends and family." She says weekend dates are filling up quickly. "Days other than Saturdays are becoming more and more normal. Fridays, Sundays ---even Thursdays!"

Balfour says she's also coordinating receptions for couples who had micro-weddings last year and want to spend some money and celebrate now! Balfour says couples are ready to spend more money than they did before the pandemic, which is good because catering and flower prices are rising because of their supply chain issues. Catering companies are also having to pay more for their staff."

Balfour adds that none of her weddings so far this year are requiring special Covid Etiquette...and probably won't if last year is any indication. "All of the weddings that I coordinated during 2020, masks at the start of the wedding were worn, but by the time dancing occurred, no masks were being worn in ANY of the weddings!

She says it will be interesting to see what happens if stringent Covid protocols come back.


Wedding Boom going on in TexasPhoto: Getty Images

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