Biden Aid: Where Is The Cut-Off For All Of The Welfare?

The Biden administration, the gift that keeps on giving!

Last week it was the eviction moratorium, a devastating blow to all of the hard working Americans who count on rental income, and now the White House has decided to extend the pause on student loans.

On the surface, it's a nice gesture. That's until you discover the true motive. "The left has come to the position that they think the taxpayers should pay for people going to college" says policy scholar Merrill Matthews, "I'm not really surprised, Biden is trying to placate the left which calling on him to essentially forgive up to $50,000 dollars worth of student loans."

Next on the list will likely be an extension of the federal unemployment benefits, which leads to the question? When will all of this aid come to an end? "The delta variant sort of puts everything on hold, and could give them an excuse" Matthews told KTRH, "The cut off for all of this aid is actually going to have to come through Republicans because there is a segment of the Democratic party right now that wants to continue as part of a larger movement to try to make sure that the government is involved in everything in our lives."

Republicans need to stop it, the question is, are they too late? As we saw with Obama-care, the Democrats are once again trying to ram through more of their radical agenda, and as Matthews points out, "It's almost impossible to repeal a program once it's been implemented." Translation? "The Democrats are willing to do this, even if it means losing power." Once they get the programs, and the trillions, they are set.

Yet another reminder that elections have consequences.


Photo: Getty Images

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