CRT Is Turning More Families To Homeschooling

It shouldn't be a surprise, but homeschooling in Texas is skyrocketing.

Last year it was due to the pandemic, and this year? It's CRT that is not OK.

"Our call and contact volume has doubled" said Tim Lambert, president of the Texas Home School Coalition, "Last year we had a huge spike, but the levels that we're seeing right now, and the interest that we are seeing in homeschooling has topped even what we saw last spring."

They are averaging about 1,200 new calls a week from frustrated parents who learned last year while their kids were locked down at home, what they were really being taught. Needless to say, most of them were shocked.

The left learned a long time ago that indoctrination needs to start in the schools, and part of their radical agenda includes CRT, critical race theory.

"People are concerned about CRT" Lambert told KTRH, "And they're feeling like they can't do anything to stop it, so they are choosing to homeschool."

One longtime homeschool Mom, and CEO of College Prep Genius says that after all of the battles on other issues, CRT was the last straw. "It's discrimination at the very least, it's racism at the very most, and families aren't dumb, and so they're standing up and saying we're not going to allow our children to be subjected to false history, and pitting one child against another."

CRT clearly is reverse racism, and it is divisive and ugly. So much so that Texas state representative Steve Toth got the new law passed banning CRT in Texas schools. "I believe the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools is forcing the hand of parents to drive their children to homeschooling" Toth told KTRH. He also said that while some parents here in Texas are still outraged, he has also heard from some defiant teachers who they don't care what the law says, they are going to teach CRT anyway.

A great reminder, if you don't raise your kids? Someone else will.

Rural Parents Struggle With Internet Infrastructure As They Home School Children During Coronavirus Lockdown

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

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