Coming Soon: America's Own Social Credit System

Our relationship with China has changed significantly in the last 7 months. Under former president Donald Trump, there was push-back, balance, and a leveling of the playing field. Now? The U.S. has gone completely the other way.

Joe Biden and his family have long ties with China, and the current Biden administration has made that apparent. From the lack of accountability for the Wuhan lab leak, to bad trade policies.

Next on the agenda could be the implementation of China's 'social credit' system. You've never heard of it? So basically, it's kind of like a credit score, but instead of being based on financial history, the social credit is based on how much you are willing to comply with the communist government. And the consequences are much more severe than a credit ding.

"The government enacts this surveillance on people and assigns citizens a score based on the way that they behave" said Jordan Davidson, writer for the Federalist, "If you behave more in line with where the government wants you to, you get a higher score, if you're dissenting or not following everything they lay out for you, get a lower score."

Scary, but true. "Punishment for people who have lower scores is in worst case scenarios, is labor camps" Davidson told KTRH, "It's this system that lets government decide how valuable you are to society."

Something like that could never happen here in the U.S.! Unfortunately, it has already started. Big tech censorship, Amazon, PayPal, all under the guise of "agreeing with our values." Plus, there is the growing push for 'vaccine passports'. So if you're a conservative who loves this country, proud to raise the flag, but still hesitant about the shot? You are an extremist, and a terrorist.

"It's even scarier because we're seeing some elements of this social credit system leak into the U.S." Davidson said, "Not only from the government, but from the big corporations, and big tech. This is something that is being egged on by the left specifically."

But at least the left still promotes love, tolerance, and inclusion. As long as you comply.

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