What’s Gaslighting And Why Is The Left So Good At It?

The Covid pandemic is not over yet, the 'delta' variant is here, and oh by the way, it's your fault.

That is the message from the left, and it's called 'gaslighting'.

The Democrats are known for 'do as I say, not as I do', but this is different. Basically with gaslighting, the left can continue to move the goal posts, lie, and contradict themselves. But instead of being accountable and telling the truth, they try to twist it and make it seem like you are the bad guy for even questioning them! "If you look around, that's pretty much what is being done to us right now" said Streiff, who is one of the editor's at RedState, "In relationship to the vaccine, and the steps that the government taking to allegedly control the spread of the Wuhan virus."

With help from big tech, big corporations, and the mainstream media, the left continue to use 'gaslighting' because they are getting away with it. "I think there's no doubt that they have embraced it" Streiff told KTRH, "It's very, very clear that they're following a coherent strategy of trying to marginalize, and demonize anyone who doesn't want to go along with what they are being told."

The final spin is the deception that all of this is being done for public safety. "If you think that the objective here is public health? I think you really need to relook" Streiff said, "The objective is social control, and to fundamentally change the way that we go about living our lives, and who we associate with, what medicines we choose to put into our bodies."

So much for unity. Last week a New York Times reporter had to delete a tweet that anyone who refuses the vaccine is quote "an enemy of the state." The fact that she tweeted it to begin with is scary enough, but even more alarming is the fact that cultures like that exist.

The 'gaslighting' that is occurring is not just with the pandemic. Pretty much every issue has been turned upside down. If you're against crime you're labeled a racist. If you want to protect the border? Same thing. CRT? It's actually racism to oppose racism, and if you love America and you are proud of the flag? You are now considered a domestic terrorist.

The midterms are a little over a year away.

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