Houston Councilman Says Mayor is Denying His City Photo with Cowboy Hat

A Houston city councilman accuses the mayor of playing dictator over his personal likeness.

At-large Councilman Mike Knox says Mayor Sylvester Turner has yet to sign off on his latest personal portrait in which he dons a cowboy hat.

“The mayor has decided that he is the king of Houston or the dictator of Houston or the tyrant of Houston, and is going to interject his opinion and take control of my professional and public image,” he says.

The photo shoot was three weeks ago, and Knox says he can't pay the photographer until the mayor approves.

“That hat is a $350 Stetson Silver Belly hat,” he says. “You don't wear a hat like that working cattle or working the farm. You wear that to church. You wear that to weddings. You wear that to events. You wear that to the office. It's professional western attire.”

Photo: Mike Knox

Knox says there's no city code, state law or even federal law that allows the mayor to weigh-in on his personal or professional likeness.

“He does have the right to control uniform appearance and that sort of thing for employees, but I'm not an employee of the mayor. I'm not an employee of the city, I'm an employee of the citizens of Houston.”

Mayor Turner's office says Knox was told the mayor would get back to him on the issue.

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