Texas GOP Hears from Police Unions on Bail Reform

Texas House Democrats are sticking to their demands if and when they finally return to Austin.

“Theatrics and games,” says state Rep. Jim Murphy, R-Houston. “We want the work to be done here. Important matters like the thirteenth check for retired teachers, bail reform, CPS reform. Those are all in play right here and now. They need to get accomplished.”

Murphy chairs the Texas House Republican Caucus.

“It sounds like we're continuing the political theater that's going to produce nothing for the people of Texas,” he said Tuesday. “I encourage them to come here where the people's work occurs, to the Texas Capitol. We welcome all their ideas.”

With no quorum for a fifteenth day, House Republicans talked bail reform with police unions.

“Six out of the last seven officer-involved shootings involved people on bond. One of them had an ankle monitor on when he was shot by law enforcement,” said Doug Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union.

Meanwhile, Houston Democrat Senfronia Thompson and two others who broke quorum to D.C. will testify at a congressional hearing Thursday on voting rights in Texas.

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