Texas House Speaker Signs Civil Warrant Against DC Democrat

There is a civil arrest warrant out for the Democratic Texas House member who briefly returned to Austin before going back to Washington, D.C.

House Speaker Dade Phelan says San Antonio Rep. Philip Cortez broke trust by saying he would temporarily leave the House floor, then hopped on a plane back to the nation's capital. Now he's promising to stay in D.C. to prevent a quorum on an election integrity bill.

“We're pleased that he (Cortez) wanted to come back and work on the legislation. We're hoping he can return from Washington with more of his colleagues to continue that process,” said Rep. Jim Murphy, R-Houston, chairman of the Texas House Republican Caucus.

“We certainly understand why the Speaker did was he did. That certainly is his right to do so.”

Cortez will not face arrest unless he returns to Texas where he'll be escorted back to the capitol.

“Representative Cortez, we value his opinion. He's one of our colleagues. He's his own person. He can do what he wants to do,” Murphy added.

Meanwhile, a handful of Texas Democrats – including Houston Rep. Senfronia Thompson -- will testify before a congressional subcommittee Thursday on voting rights.

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