Texas Begins Arresting Illegal Aliens for Trespassing

Texas takes on the border surge crisis, by arresting illegal aliens under state law.

It's a prison 100 miles north of Laredo that's been cleared out to house illegal aliens charged with trespassing as part of Gov. Greg Abbott's heightened border security efforts, with the number of detainees expected to rise rapidly, up to 200 per day.

Nearly 150 Briscoe officers are training to be certified as jailers while the prison remains in “maintenance mode” awaiting further instruction, according to a spokesperson for Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

“In this fiscal year already, we've already set a new all-time record for the number of people who have been apprehended coming across the border,” Abbott said earlier this month.

In June, Abbott announced Texas would continue building President Trump's border wall. Other states have also since deployed law enforcement and National Guard troops to the border to help with the crisis.

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