CNBC Targets Texas, Red State South in Latest Business Survey

Texas ranks second to last for life, health and inclusion, making it one of the 'worst places to live' within CNBC's latest America’s Top States for Business survey.

“This is a completely subjective far left-wing brand new rating system enacted by CNBC to make liberal states look better in the overall ranking,” Chuck DeVore, vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

DeVore calls it a clear attempt to please woke America -- with Red States Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia also near the bottom for 'worst places to live.'

“All CNBC did was add a new factor and put in a left-wing wish list of how they think states should be running themselves,” he says. “But overall on the other factors that are more objective, that you can measure, Texas scored fourth.”

“The last I checked with the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas I think was the fourth fastest growing state in the nation. So if it's such a terrible place to live why in the heck does everybody want to move here?”

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