Idle Hands in Austin Tackle UT Football, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

There may not be a quorum in the Texas House to move legislation forward, but there's still plenty to talk about in Austin.

House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner says he was shocked to learn members who fled to D.C. were now returning to Austin. But he insists plenty others are staying strong.

“It takes 51 members of the House to deny a quorum and we are 56 members completely committed to continue our fight here in Washington,” Turner said Thursday.

Those who fled to D.C. Have continued to complain on social media about a ban on critical race theory passed by the Senate last week. East Texas Republican Bryan Hughes authored SB 3, which strikes specific references to the KKK, Civil Rights, Chicano and Native American movements.

“They're not just allowed to be taught, they are required to be taught. They must be taught. We want to teach American history and Texas history, the whole truth. The good. The bad. And the ugly,” said Hughes.

“So those specific elements are already in the curriculum.”

In the meantime, Plano Republican Jeff Leach is working on legislation requiring a House and Senate vote on the University of Texas' rumored move to the SEC, accusing the Longhorns of not being transparent.

State Comptroller Glen Hegar also is looking into whether Ben & Jerry's is violating the state's "Boycott Israel" regulations by announcing it would no longer sell ice cream in territories Palestinians claim are occupied by Israelis.

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