Texas Installs First Barrier Along Southern Border

There are signs Gov. Greg Abbott is moving forward with Texas' own border wall. Fox News' Bill Melugin was given exclusive access Tuesday to the first installment of a seven foot high, 1.5-mile chain linked fence topped off with razor wire near Del Rio.

“They're goin to put 'No Trespassing' signs on this fence and any migrants who come across, jump over the fence, climb over it or damage it any way, they're (DPS) going to cut border patrol out of the equation. They're not going to call them. They're just going to arrest these people on local Texas charges and take them off to local Texas jails,” Melugin reported.

Texas set aside $250 million for a border wall, and so far, raised more than $800,000 in private donations.

“We're already receiving offers and information from those who have already been involved in building the border way. Showing the ways we're going to be able to build it. We've already made an allocation of funding by the state legislature. We will be adding to that allocation of funding,” Abbott told Fox News' "America's Newsroom."

Calls seeking more information from Gov. Abbott's office were not returned.

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