Texas House Democrats Continue to Hold Up Bail Reform, Property Tax Relief

Texas House Democrats say they are prepared to stay in Washington, D.C. through August 7, allowing several key pieces of legislation to expire during the special session.

Gov. Greg Abbott continues to blast House Democrats, telling our KPRC 2 blood is on their hands by delaying bail reform.

“Since the time the Democrats first left during the regular session, there now have been I think seven people killed because of people who were released on jail who should not have been released,” he said.

Abbott says Democrats also are delaying money for children and retired teachers.

“The neediest kids, the kids in foster care are not getting the additional funding that we proposed to provide them. Our teachers are not getting an additional retirement check they need. All of these issues that have been voted out of the Texas Senate are languishing.”

A pair of property tax reform bills also could die if House Democrats don't return to Austin.

“Senate Bill 12 resets over 65 appraised values as property tax rates are declining and SB 8 says if you're a first-time homebuyer, for the first year you get your homestead exemption,” says state Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston.

“To get the over 65 freeze values reduced, and that's like $1 billion of tax relief over four years, we've got to get a constitutional amendment out to the public in November,” he added.

Democrats fired back saying many of these could have been passed during the regular session.

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